Title Main: Suffield Photos

Subject: schools, Rattlesnake Swamp, Spruce Street, 1912
Edward sAdams, Mildred Egan Phelon, Lucilee Noble Houghton, Marjorie Adams Harrington (orchestra Leader) Hazel Egan Colson, Arthur Adams, Sam Colson, Leslie Orr, Bessie Colson, Myrtle Sparks Jenks, Elsie Case Young, Ray Case, Albert Frost, Elwyn Noble, Francis Case
Rattlesnake Swamp School on Spruce Street Suffield circa 1912
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Publisher: Kent Memorial Library Suffield CT
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Identifier: Historical Room KML
Rights: Kent Memorial Library 2010
Note: Appears in "Looking Back: Images of North Central Connecticut", Historical Images of Enfield Somers and Suffield. Journal Inquirer, 2002